At the early age of six, I knew that I had a unique outlook on the world around me. I see colors and symbols that most of people skip over as they hurry through their busy lives. I want to remind people to stop and find some perspective.  I use my work to stimulate thought and promote equality. I hope that my work challenges everyone to expand their views on the world around them.

My works are amalgamations of everything from art history to futuristic symbols all combined in my unique style. My works are typically described as eclectic, modern primitives. I love to use of colors and symbols to provide a vibrant glimpse of the world that I see in my mind. Specifically, my use of eyes is meant to be a commentary on the miss-perceptions of the world. Open your eyes and make our own judgments on truth.


While focusing primarily on painting canvas, I also have created a series of functional art in the form of teapots, plates, and bowls. Additionally, I created limited edition t-shirt designs for City Stages and recently completed a full-building mural for an Art-Therapy Center in Tampa, Florida.